Christmas Orders 2023

We are now taking Christmas orders, and we know you need your order delivered before the holiday! For your best experience we have enforced a cut-off date to ensure fair delivery for everyone. Our last day for your order to be in production is November 5, 2023. This ensures you will receive your order just in time for the holiday!

All orders in production November 6, 2023 and later will not be assured they will be delivered by the holiday. Of course, there is still a chance, but it is not certain, as we are giving priority to those ordered within the deadline. 

It is very important you know that the order must be IN PRODUCTION by November 5th. - For your order to begin production, you must have approved your graphic design sent to your email before the cutoff. It is important and your responsibility to be on the lookout for your graphic design after placing your order! We ask that you make your final design decision and provide approval promptly to allow your order to reach the deadline!

NOTE: The graphic design takes 2-5 business days after you order for us to send to your email. Important to allow that time during the process of ordering to meet the deadline. 

We ensure the graphic design is sent correctly per your initial custom order requests. Any changes you would like to make after your first requests will require an additional 2-5 days from the day of your change request. If your order was placed closely to the deadline, and you are still requesting time consuming changes, your order may not begin production until after the deadline. We are very busy at this time, and we appreciate your help by being cooperative, and prompt. We are trying very hard to make sure all orders are delivered on time! This will allow for a smoother process.

We are not responsible for any inconveniences/delays, due to errors, mishaps, or delays on our customers end. Please check your emails, provide a CORRECT email you have access to, and respond. For example, if you place an order way before the deadline, but do not check your emails and approve of the graphic design until after November 26th, we are unable to make any exceptions.

Please plan your order accordingly! We do wish for all of you to receive your order within the time frame you expect this holiday season! Thank you for choosing us for an amazing gift, we know you will love it!

Happy Holidays! ūüéĄ