Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

It is your responsibility to provide us with your full and CORRECT shipping address. We use the exact address that you have entered at checkout. Therefor, If we have shipped out your order and you notice there has been an address error, we are not responsible for a lost package once it has been shipped and out of our office. Once your order has been marked shipped, it is likely we no longer have access to it, and it is now in the hands of the mail carrier. Where we will not be able to handle package, or modify address. You must re-order.

ALSO, Please provide us with an address that you feel is safe to receive valuable packages, once it has been marked "delivered" by the post office, and out of our office it is no longer our responsibility. We cannot cover lost, stolen, or packages sent to the incorrect address. 

If your order has not yet been shipped and you would like to correct, or update an address; please contact us by email at with your order number. We CAN modify your address.