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Cyber Monday Promotion

Calling all creative minds! Have you been wanting to create something of your own? Thinking about designing something completely custom, that came from your own ideas, and creativity? Have you been wanting to bring together your thoughts, with our craftsmanship to make a perfect, and unique piece? Well, NOW is the perfect chance, and there's no reason to slack on it with this deal!

Our Cyber Monday promotion is for all of our "New Design" custom items. These New Design products are typically higher in price than all other pre-designed items. So, this deal is a steal!

Get 30% off, USE CODE: CYBER30 This applies to all New Design Custom Buckle, Tumbler & PendantClick Here to select your preferred items and start the process on each product order form where you can upload your images.


What you need to know:

The items you upload to your order MUST be a New Design, meaning it cannot be an item we already have displayed on our website. We must have not already created the piece. You can definitely take bits & pieces, or ideas from our items we have displayed and bring them together to create a new piece! It must be something you draw, cut and paste, photoshop, or design on a document. As long as the ideas are visibly new. There is nothing we can't do! All words, symbols, logos, images, and themes!

You do not have to be a professional designer, or drawer. As long as the ideas are clear, we take on the rest and create a graphic design reflecting your ideas, where you approve before production begins. 



Head over to our instagram post for some examples of "New Design Custom Buckles" that have been submitted in the past, and are valid for this deal! 

We are so excited and ready to see all your own designs! 

*Any orders placed incorrectly, with no drawing uploaded, or other attachments added; attempting to wrongfully take advantage of this promotion will be contacted to process remaining balance of your purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS, and no cancellations for reimbursement.

Order properly with your drawing uploaded, WITH DETAILS. No other uploads are valid. Orders placed ONLY through this website, with the upload option on each product. No other medias are accepted  


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