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Ordering Process

Our amazing quality you see comes from our talented team that hand crafts each item. Unlike many other big box stores you may be used too, all of our items are made to order, and not pulled right off a shelf to be shipped. Our masterpieces take time to perfect. It is very important you know the process.

What is the ordering process?

Start by viewing all our items! You can then select your favorites and customize the models we already have displayed, or you can also design your own.

Please be advised that what you see on the display as far as names, figures and symbols is not what you are purchasing or what you will get. You are to customize as you wish! Please view all our options in the dropdown and make your selection. When shopping, it's good you know that you are selecting the overall shape/model of the item, not the symbols or texts that are displayed. That is where customizing comes in play. If you would like what is shown, you must look for or upload that same figure or symbol in the given spot and select correctly.

Gather your ideas and make your selections on the order form of each product. There you will see you are able to select your preferred colors, enter your text, select from our figures, or even upload your own logo/brand or figure of your own. If there is something additional you would like to customize, of course we can do it! Simply request in special instructions! There is nothing we can't do! Wrap it up, and place your order! 

Once you place your order we gather all your details to create a graphic design of your order. We send it out to your email for your review and approval. At that time changes can be made if you wish to make some changes to your ideas. For this reason it is extremely important you check your emails for further communication your order requires. It's important you are aware that your order will NOT move forward until final approval of the graphic design has been received. Once we receive approval, your item begins production immediately. Your orders production does not begin when your order is placed. It begins when your graphic design has been approved by you! Your fast response, and cooperation is necessary to receive your order! We can get started as fast as you allow.

Once production begins we provide you with a time frame that we feel your order will take. Production time varies, it always fluctuates and is dependent on how busy we are at the time of order being placed. 

During the production process, it goes through numerous steps before it reaches perfection. Please allow the production time given for best results, and more time may be needed. It's appreciated that you understand that our items take time, and care. We provide you with a time frame we feel comfortable with, to provide you with the best finished product! 

Hand Engraving

Once the items are finished, we have many quality check points to ensure the order is at its best! After we are confident you will love the finished product, it will be shipped priority 2-3 days. 

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